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There are so many good reasons for leaving the EU:

  1. To control our laws

  2. To have our own judiciary

  3. To be able to make our own trade deals

  4. To strengthen the union between Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  5. To set our own immigration policy

  6. To stop making unjustified payments to the EU


Much of the criticism of Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement has been about the backstop. But even without the backstop Mrs May’s old agreement would not deliver the benefits of Brexit. 


It would though, through the political declaration, commit us to:

  1. Continue to be subject to EU laws

  2. Maintaining the supremacy of the European Court of Justice

  3. Preventing the UK from setting our own trade deals

  4. Restricting key areas of business, social and tax policy

  5. Instigating 'mobility arrangements' similar to freedom of movement

  6. Considering social security coordination across the EU

  7. Giving EU access to UK fishing waters


We must ensure that the new Prime Minister does not attempt to reheat what’s left of that old agreement.

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